Who is the real Auntie Henrietta?

realmary1Mary Vittum, a life-long resident of New Hampshire has been performing her comedy routine which is rich in Yankee humor, throughout New England for almost 35 years. She calls upon her native New Hampshire wit, to do what she does best and feels the most comfortable doing, and that is making people laugh.

Mary believes that living your gift will always bring success, the success can be financial, emotional or spiritual, Mary says that she is blessed because she’s enjoyed all three levels.

The comedy roast routine that has made Aunt Henrietta so popular, requires a guest of honor, and of course some personal information about the guest of honor, and then Mary and Henrietta work their magic to provide a half hour of hilarious entertainment. So what goes on at this “roast”?

“I show up as the long-lost Auntie”, explains Mary, “I bring with me information that has been provided about the guest of honor, including names of close friends and family members, job title, pet peeves, perhaps his or her political affiliation and hopefully a few embarrassing moments in their history that can be brought back to haunt them, and if no one can think of anything embarrassing, Auntie Henrietta will make something up!” Mary goes on to explain “Each show can be tapered to a particular situation, be it a birthday, anniversary or a retirement party, the act is never hurtful or demeaning, it’s just a nice roast with a strong Yankee flavor and depending on the audience it can be G-rated, PG or a mild R-rating”

Mary has performed her shows throughout most of New England, and the price for the show depends on the distance from her home office in Ashland New Hampshire, but generally shows are $250.00 within most of New Hampshire with rates increasing outside of the state.

Mary says “Oh, I’ve done shows in a mobile home for an 80 year old and I’ve done shows withrealmary2 an audience of 300 people in an upscale function hall, and I enjoy the crowd no matter where the show is held” Indeed Auntie Henrietta can make a room of 300 strangers feel like they are at a small family reunion on a hot July afternoon.

Mary enjoys kayaking and of course the theater. Here first love however is the joy of taking people’s minds off of the everyday stresses and seeing folks double over laughing. “I like to think I’m there to adjust attitudes, or to break the ice with some of my old New England style humor”

For your next gathering you should contact Mary (aka Auntie Henrietta’s Comedy) in Ashland New Hampshire, she may be reached by telephone only at 603-455-2086, and we recommend you book early because she often schedules months in advance.